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No. 6  - XO Door Hanger

No. 6 - XO Door Hanger

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XO is a limited edition of 36 colorful wooden door hangers designed to help you focus.  For your home office door knob: hang the X side out to let others know you're deep in the zone and not to be disturbed — hang the O side out to let them them know to pop in if they need to.

"For those of us working from home these times are an odd contrast between needing to look polished for a few hours of Zoom meetings while just off screen we're actually exploring weird snacks and tattoo options in our pajamas.  I've carried that contrast into XO by creating a very precisely cut, sanded and painted plywood hanger block, but then added graphics w/ soft, frayed and dispensable gaffers tape. The mostly bright colors add some lift to those who need it."  - Krister

  • Made from Baltic Birch plywood, paint, gaffer tape
  • All exposed plywood and painted surfaces are clear-coated for durability.
  • 3.5" x 7" x 1/2"
  • Fits most door knobs
  • Expect small imperfections
  • Created by Krister Lile
  • Hand built in Los Angeles, California
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